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New development associated with Junction 17 of the M4 and the A350 'growth corridor'

Bringing the Midlands to rural Wiltshire and Dorset

New homes out of town associated with the A350 at Bowerhill

A350 warehouse land.jpg

New 'shed land' associated with the Semington Bypass 

This concept of growing an area around a large 'strategic' road is not about local economies and vibrant town centres. It is about out-of-town logistic centres, global large-scale business, and easy access to the ports and motorway network. This concept of 'planning' for tin shed-land and out-of-town everything, only accessible by car, appears to be the basis of planning for economic growth in England. 


It's ugly and it's not for the benefit of local communities. It is not 'zero carbon'.


These photos show some of the places were road 'improvements' along the A350 have served to open up car-based development land as already happening around Chippenham, Melksham and Trowbridge, as well as provide a fast road for lorries.

With tens of thousands of new homes planned along the improved road, the landscape of  West and North Wiltshire will be changed forever, as will the look and feel: the Midlands in the South West.

Housing associated with the Semington Bypass in Bowehill

photo houses 2d.jpg

Projected development near Lacock on the A350

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